36 years of independence. Where is it going?

As ever, The Herald newspaper excels itself. 

imageZimbabweans are celebrating the achievements in health, education and land reform after liberation from colonial rule in 1980. “Zimbabwe is the only country where it is economically beneficial to be a person of colour. The country might be going through economic challenges, experiencing devastating graft and corruption but all that aside one can say ‘it is good to be black,'” says an article in today’s issue whose author is unidentified.

imageLasting  “mental colonisation” is apparently  the problem and it is to blame for reinforcing the social divide between the new ruling class and the rest of the people.

“Emancipation of oneself from colonial slavery is not just saying blacks are equal to whites. It is also about setting standards and a way of doing things equal or better than our former colonisers. It is about giving the people more opportunities than they could ever dream of under the the old system. Only then will our people stop the flawed reminiscence about ‘the good old days’ .”

There we have it. The dignity of 80 percent of the population living in abject poverty, compared to a growing economy a couple of decades ago, instead of colonial-era injustices 36 years ago.

imagePhotos: How to feel about it? 1. Lost?  2. Crossed wires?  3. Odd one out? 4. Colourful  but no way out of the gate?











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