Arnie’s got us in his sights

Arnie has just had a ball at the Cannes Film Festival – there to promote his new action, comedy and drama Netflix series called FUBAR, which stands for “F*cked Up Beyond All Recognition,” or in more polite circles “Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition.”

If you are a mess you are a fubar, the noun. It’s an American word. Schwarzenegger, now 75, plays an ex-CIA agent in the three part series, the first episode flighted in the US a couple of weeks ago.

Guess what? Zimbabwe gets a mention in the plot of spying and threats of terrorism using our strategic minerals – lithium in particular – being found behind a veil of corruption. (Arnie’s lady controller in this clip already appears on our local satellite TV screens in reruns of the US police series Chicago PD.)

Once again, we get noticed for all the wrong reasons. Zimbabwe is fubar.

As The Terminator Schwarzenegger went around saving the world and killing a lot of people. When he was California’s Republican governor in real life he had the power to commute death sentences at San Quentin state prison. A tricky situation for The Terminator. The last execution in California was in 2006 during his time in office.

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