Lunatics running, robbing the asylum?

84d146d2-b04b-4c47-bd1b-00aeefbb3bc3Er, umm … It’s hard to think of anything to say except that the lunatics are running the asylum and they think we will believe anything they say.IMG_1015

The torrent of lies and half-truths beggars belief. The lunatics think we are the fools. 

Investors don’t need the Intenet, they need peace that was disturbed by the social media allegedly coordinating violent protests . But according to businesses, the days the net was switched off cost tens of millions in lost or delayed electronic transfers. It is said the net had to be switched back on all but briefly so that the central bank could send Mr Mnangagwa some more money on his trip to Russia and the nearby Eurasian dictatorships. And he didn’t skip the exclusive economic club at Davos to rush home to deal with the worsening domestic crisis. Oh no, no point in going because Mr Trump, Mrs May and Mrs Merkel weren’t going either. 

It had nothing to do with the world’s main finance institutions thinking the gun had taken over from promised reforms that were a condition of restored loans. One official account of the shooting, beating, looting and raping said weapons and uniforms had been stolen from the army by “rogue elements.”  And the military vehicles used? Were they stolen too? How can valuable foreign investments be protected if the security apparatus can’t protect its own basic equipment?

Children and teens have been hauled into jail, some with broken bones left untreated for two weeks and more. Are these places run by “rogue” jailers?

Women’s groups called out the authorities on multiple cases of rape by the uniformed forces. Lunatics denied there was anything of the kind and one of the most hateful responses was one saying that the leader one women’s rights group should be raped long and hard so she had a case to take to the authorities.

What has happened to our usually oh-so-nice Zimbabweans? 

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