Tough Times

I’m not the only one who puts words on paper – it’s rich and rewarding, except financially. I’m not alone.

Alongside Liz Truss, David Cameron’s story was also remaindered in bookshops, selling for 50p. (But I did enjoy Prince Harry’s book, especially when he tells of shooting down Taliban escaping on motorbikes and thought of them as the paparazzi chasing his mother in that tunnel in Paris.)

My own “Lust to Kill – The Rise and Falls of Idi Amin,” “Kandaya, Another Time, Another Place” and “Mutoko Madness” are out of print. I blame the smartphone for killing our reading culture and decimating newspapers.

Heartfelt thanks once again to every one of you out there for my birthday wishes and your continued support. ( 


This is the $30,000 ‘man cave’ in his garden where Cameron overwrote “For The Record.” (700 pages)

One birthday I was given Mark Gevisser’s bulky 1,000 page biography of Thabo Mbeki. Reading in bed as I always do, I fell asleep and thought there was a woman in my bed when I woke up, startled then disappointed, in the small hours.  

As we all know now, short is good, aye, it’s obligatory these days.

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  1. Annie Price says:

    I’m not aware that people have stopped reading /buying books — I I still intend to have a best seller ! If you don’t have a dream etc
    Do yiu read my message about us seeing Concorde at Farnborough in 1970 – do yiu remember ?
    Take care

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