Poor old Charlie


Charlie got a hole in one on the ninth. In his last will and testament he asked that his ashes be sprinkled on the ninth green and fairway. And so it was done on a quiet day after the funeral.

Cremation is a cultural taboo among the majority in these parts. It is not done, which is why cemeteries are fast running out of burial space. It is believed the spirit of the deceased must be free to roam until it returns, folds its wings on the grave and a dedication is made in a second ceremony, bringing to an end the earthly process. Thereafter, the spirit soars away to join the ancestors.
Poor old Charlie belonged to the minority of Caucasian descent who, along with Hindus, favour cremation. Non-Caucasian golfers began dropping shots on the ninth and suspicions arose that Charlie was to blame. In the end, the golf course was prevailed upon to plough up the ninth, replant new grass on the fairway and re-lay the green.

Charlie wouldn’t worry now. He had had his hole in one triumph briefly remembered, if in somewhat awkward circumstances. Scores soon got back to normal on the ninth.

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