What’s going on here? Look carefully for the syringe


What do you think is going on here? It can’t be influencing the young and impressionable because they are not supposed to smoke or play with fire. She can’t be advocating drug abuse, surely? Maybe she is promoting self medication. This is a ‘Clipper’ brand cigarette lighter from China, a cheap copy of the Spanish-designed ‘Clipper’ and the French ‘Bic’ brands of disposable lighters. It is just of one of countless thousands of Chinese consumer goods swamping southern Africa. From her looks, the nurse injecting herself in the thigh isn’t Chinese. Maybe someone thinks this is what Western nurses do. Maybe it’s a propaganda attack on Obamacare or the National Health Service?  Or maybe it’s just someone’s idea of erotica for tasteless ‘Pin Up’ lighters.  Original Clippers and Bics are generally available in plain colours or printed with advertising or promotional emblems.

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