Dawn Chorus

Listen to the first things you will hear in the morning, when waking up in Zimbabwe and then in Syria. Dawn chorus in Zimbabwe Dawn chorus in Syria  

star fish-f

The Star Fish Story

The Roman Catholic sisters in Mbare dished out the fortified, nutritional drink mahewu, what food they managed to find and antiseptic creams and other basics donated by pharmacies, some time-expired...

cell phone tower-f

It’s life

At first I disapproved of the “greening” of Zimbabwe’s cellphone towers. But then I took a longer, more contextual view and it didn’t  seem too bad. Maybe that’s the way...

Pen mighter than the sword-f

Is the pen mightier than the sword?

Freedom of expression: the debate goes on “I despise what you say but I will defend to the end your right to say it.” The enlightened approach current for so...

Heart of Darkness

Thembi, a lovely and heart warming child, was admitted to Parirenyatwa hospital in Harare after her mother sold some of her furniture to pay for admission.  She died at the...

The Demise of the Newspaper

The Demise of the Newspaper

Soon our metalwork artists will have to change from this man reading a newspaper to someone reading a smartphone or texting on a park bench. Using mobiles has got so...